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Vision Of Sri Lanka (vision-of-sri-lanka) (Technical Analysis Stock Chart)

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Technical Analysis of Vision Of Sri Lanka

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Technical Conclusion: In conclusion the organization Vision of Sri Lanka, presently is at its initial stage or the testing phase. The project started in paper as part of my attempt on social change per rural Sri Lanka. Then the area taken to test the ideologies was the small village of Mee than Wela. A small village with a population of about 100 – 1000 residents wide spread among the rolling hills of Kurunegala located in the western province.

Not having established full staff, the organization work with local village heads, the village council, and the rural administration in executing operations, with an annual budget of RS. 10,000.00. However, with the ending of the internal turmoil within the nation much potential is presented per the Organization's growth and mandates per its mission and vision.

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