SWOT Weakness Index

The SWOT Analysis evaluates the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats involved in a business or project. The SWOT analysis is essential to understanding the many different risk and rewards of any investment or project. WikiWealth organizes SWOT analysis statements under each specific investment report. Use the middle section to find one.

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SWOT-Weakness Analysis Statements

poor quality
Products are expensive
W2-Few customers
slow service
Weak Brand (Qmobile Noir Z4)
Lack of Scale (Malaysia Airlines)
Mobile Phones - Less money for advertisements
Online Presence (Ccentre)
No trained staff
Online Presence (HaSy)
Weak Supply Chain (HaSy)
Tarnished Reputation (HaSy)
Customer Service (HaSy)
Work Inefficiencies (Y34)
One city:low capacity
Location (One City)
Lack of Scale (Fgbnfsddfs)
Tarnished Reputation (Ingham)
Work Inefficiencies (MPI - Mx)
High Staff Turnover (MPI - Mx)
Cost Structure (MPI - Mx)
Lack of Scale (Test4)
pricing (ESPN)
Weak Management (Wretzu)
Customer Service (Troso)
Critical Planning Information unavailable
Outdated Technology (SmarteCarte Canada (YYZ))
manufacturing liability (Fuj SWOT)
lack of innovation (Fuj SWOT)
strength global risk management (Fuj SWOT)
lack of training (Fuj SWOT)
market strategies (Fuj SWOT)
Low employee morale and turnover (Fuj SWOT)
Outdated Technology (Fuj SWOT)
High Staff Turnover (Fuj SWOT)
Weak Management (Fuj SWOT)
Cost Structure (NACC2)
Cost Structure (Kathryn Milan)
Customer Service (Astoria)
Customer Service (Fittings)
external competition
as (Lms)
Tight Third Person Areas (Boxed In_Tilt Games)
Unobvious Objectives (Boxed In_Tilt Games)
Repetitive mechanic
Increasing programming expenses
Weak customer service hurts SUBWAY’s reputation and causes customers to flee to competitors, who are more respondent…
Quality concerns (Ruin Remedy)
W1-Development complexity
To unblock one takes too long especially because sometimes people get blockec due to other people's mistakes
Work Inefficiencies (II CA)
High Debt Burden (II CA)
Online Presence (II CA)
Customer Service (II CA)
Valet Parking Camera System
Work Inefficiencies (AbsolutExplorer)
High Debt Burden (AbsolutExplorer)
Online Presence (AbsolutExplorer)
Weak Brand (AbsolutExplorer)
Online Presence (Kirrkoff)
Tarnished Reputation (Kirrkoff)
No budget for HTC listing
No strong UM/AM
Online Presence (Tru Esscents)
Lack of Scale
Lack of Scale (S7)
No lunch program
Cost Structure (Mega Builders)
High Staff Turnover (ERRAND SERVICES)
Weak Supply Chain (ERRAND SERVICES)
High Debt Burden (Nknjl)
Cost reduction exercises have failed to maintain pace with competition
Few meal choices
Cost Structure (Avangard)
High Debt Burden (Avangard)
Quality Human Resource (Tony's Angels)
Outdated Technology (Tony's Angels)
High Staff Turnover (Tony's Angels)
Online Presence (Tony's Angels)
Fake customer feedback (Trivago-okk)
Lack of Scale (IBM SWOT)
High Debt Burden (Loke)
High Staff Turnover (Loke)
Customer Service (YD Taekwondo Korea Limited)
high maintainance
too many negative complaint for customer
Weak Supply Chain (Meera)
Heavily union based ( no control over employees)
Lacks flexibility to quickly change and react to enterprise users needs
Weak Supply Chain (Gavan)
Cost Structure (Gavan)
Work Inefficiencies (Gator Tech)
Work Inefficiencies (Newton, Lda)
Online Presence (Newton, Lda)
metro stonerich
no website or other online presence yet (Test Android app)

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