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The SWOT Analysis evaluates the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats involved in a business or project. The SWOT analysis is essential to understanding the many different risk and rewards of any investment or project. WikiWealth organizes SWOT analysis statements under each specific investment report. Use the middle section to find one.

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SWOT-Threat Analysis Statements

Change in Tastes (Qmobile Noir Z4)
Skype competitor to FaceTime
Substitute Products (MPI - Mx)
Intl Competition (Qmobile Noir Z4)
Increasing cost to license content
Viruses Are Starting to Affect Facebook
Global Slowdown
21 (Fggegegeg)
Inappropriate priorities (Shelterwood Academy Facilities Department - Test 1)
Wrong expansion
Bad Economy (HaSy)
Political Risk (HaSy)
Volatile Currencies (HaSy)
Substitute Products (HaSy)
Entry into the Russian market
Volatile Costs (One City)
Bad Economy (One City)
Volatile Revenue (MPI - Mx)
Intl Competition (MPI - Mx)
Volatile Costs (Troso)
Volatile Revenue (Troso)
Substitute Products (Troso)
Bad Economy (Ambassador Cars - Naeem)
lack of modernization (Fuj SWOT)
changes in consumer behavior (Fuj SWOT)
Intense Competition (Fuj SWOT)
high employee turnover (Fuj SWOT)
Political Risk (Fuj SWOT)
Change in Tastes (Fuj SWOT)
Govt Regulations (Fuj SWOT)
Mature Markets (Kathryn Milan)
Intense Competition (Astoria)
Change in Tastes (Testttttttt)
Volatile Revenue
Lack of Testing (Boxed In_Tilt Games)
Volatile Revenue (Logoplaste)
Customer not used to a suite of applications
Bad Economy (Elite Fooda)
Bad Economy (LSec*)
Govt Regulations (LSec*)
Everybody is able to join. All you need to have is a smart phone or tablet or just a computer
Intl Competition (Minagoli)
Bad Economy (II CA)
Mature Markets (II CA)
Intense Competition (II CA)
Govt Regulations (II CA)
Political Risk (II CA)
Vehicles security
Change in Tastes (AbsolutExplorer)
Volatile Revenue (AbsolutExplorer)
Out dated ideas (Kirrkoff)
No success
May not bring out the best in her
Conflicts with personality
Global aerospace market with competitors like GE, and Pratt and Whitney who are more cost competitive
Substitute Products (Mega Builders)
Change in Tastes (The Dam Night Club)
Direct Competition
Bad Economy (Avangard)
Intl Competition (Avangard)
Mature Markets (Avangard)
Change in Tastes (Avangard)
Political Risk (Avangard)
Volatile Revenue (Avangard)
Brain drain (Tony's Angels)
Bad Economy (Tony's Angels)
Volatile Currencies (Tony's Angels)
Intense Competition (Tony's Angels)
Volatile Currencies (YD Taekwondo Korea Limited)
Intl Competition (YD Taekwondo Korea Limited)
Change in Tastes (YD Taekwondo Korea Limited)
Political Risk (YD Taekwondo Korea Limited)
Govt Regulations (Meera)
Substitute Products (Meera)
Intense Competition (Gator Tech)
Volatile Costs (Gator Tech)
Volatile Revenue (Gator Tech)
Intense Competition (PHD MARKETING INC)
Substitute Products (Qmobile Noir Z4)
Intense Competition (Mycom1)
Intl Competition (Mycom1)
Substitute Products (Mycom1)
Volatile Costs (Twelve Cupcakes)
Bad Economy (Tommy hilfiger)
Intense Competition (Tommy hilfiger)
Change in Tastes (Tommy hilfiger)
Substitute Products (Tommy hilfiger)
Competitors website is more user friendly
Bad Economy (Confectionery)
Govt Regulations (Confectionery)
Change in Tastes (Confectionery)
Political Risk (Confectionery)
Substitute Products (Confectionery)
Environmental effects
Intense Competition (Leading Auto Company)

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