U-Store-It Trust (YSI) SWOT Analysis

U-Store-It Trust (YSI) SWOT Analysis




Mobile Job Seekers Job seekers from all over the country may need to move in order to get their next job since jobs are...
Consolidating Industry Consolidating markets create many acquisition targets, especially when consolidation leads to...
Student Housing Universities are outsourcing the supply of student housing to save money and to focus on their core...
Housing Size Downgrade Potential downgrades in the size of homes may increase the use of storage units.


Housing Crisis Housing crisis lowers the company's assets and equity and makes it harder to do business in the...

U-Store-It Trust (YSI) SWOT Analysis Profile

U-Store-It Trust is a real estate investment trust. It owns, operates, acquires, and develops self-storage facilities across the U.S. These facilities provide storage space for residential and commercial customers, as well as outside storage for boats and vehicles. U-Store-It owns more than 400 self-storage facilities in over half of U.S. states. (read full profile)

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