Xcel Energy (XEL) SWOT Analysis

Xcel Energy (XEL) SWOT Analysis


Regional Barriers to Entry Some companies posses barriers to entry, because they own the exclusive government dictated rights...


Debt Level High leverage could be dangerous in a declining market. Partially reflected in the beta estimate...


Renewable Energy Renewable energy could provide higher profit margins and revenue growth. Global initiatives to fight...
Clean Energy Natural gas is considered a clean energy source, which could increase its demand as the world...
Utility Consolidation Public Utility Holding Company Act (PUHCA) was repealed, which led to consolidation of the industry.


Regulated Business Government regulation increases the risk to the underlying business and thus increases the risk...

Xcel Energy (XEL) SWOT Analysis Profile

Xcel Energy, Inc., specializes in the generation, purchase, transmission, distribution, and sale of electricity to residential, commercial, industrial, public authorities, as well as, other customers in the United States. It also purchases, sells and distributes natural gas to retail customers. (read full profile)

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