Western Union (WU) SWOT Analysis

Western Union (WU) SWOT Analysis


Brand Name. Geographically diverse business and revenue should help shield the business from shocks in any one...



International Remittance A remittance is a transfer of money by a foreign worker to his home country. Money sent home by...
Cash-less Society The growing use of credit cards and debit cards are increasing the trend towards a cash-less...


Global Slowdown A global slowdown or recession will hurt all companies, but mostly those whose products sell in...
Credit Market Crisis The credit market crisis increases the cost of borrowing for financial firms. This increasing cost...
The Growth of Wal-Mart as a Competitor The growth of Wal-Mart in the grocery food industry is of great concern for all existing business....

Western Union (WU) SWOT Analysis Profile

The Western Union Company (WU) provides money transfer and bill payment services internationally. WU facilitates real-time transfers between customers and businesses, in multiple currencies and multiple locations around the world. Customers can also make payments on their utility and telecom bills. (read full profile)

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SWOT Conclusion

Strengths + Opportunities = 5

Threats + Weaknesses = 9

… A history of overcoming weaknesses makes it difficult for other firms to exploit their difficulties. A good defense against threats lowers the risks that profits will decrease.

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