Vale (VALE) SWOT Analysis

Vale (VALE) SWOT Analysis


Global Market Leader Market leading position brings many benefits to those companies. Generally, they possess good brand...


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Emerging Markets Demand from emerging markets is helping growth and margins. Emerging markets create new...


Volatile Commodity Prices Volatile commodity prices increase the risk to the company, since a sudden change in commodity...

Vale (VALE) SWOT Analysis Profile

Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, a metals and mining company, operates logistics systems in Brazil (railroads, maritime terminals, and a port) to facilitate its mining operations. It also involves in the energy and steel businesses.nickel mines and processing operations are carried out by its subsidiary Vale Inco Limited (Vale Inco), with mining operations in Canada and Indonesia. The company operates or has interests in nickel refining facilities in the United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and China. More recently Vale acquired full ownership of AMCI Holdings Australia Pty, renamed:Vale Australia Holdings (Vale Australia). (read full profile)

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