Tim Hortons (THI) SWOT Analysis

Tim Hortons (THI) SWOT Analysis


Franchises Repays in 1 to 2 Years Franchises expand Tim Horton's business. If they quickly repay their owners, then franchieses have a...
Low Staff Turnover is an Important Strength for Tim Hortons Low staff turnover significantly reduces costs from training and recruiting new personal.
Ease of Training Helps Tim Hortons Certain jobs aren't hard to learn. Fast food has an abundance of easy to learn jobs, which helps...
Prime Real Estate - Location is Key for Tim Hortons In fastfood, having the right location is key to success, because they have to obtain customers.
Pricing Power Allows Tim Hortons to Adjust Prices Tim Hortons has the power to adjust prices as demand changes.
Financial Leverage is a Strength of Tim Hortons Financial leverage helps Tim Hortons to expand quickly, because they can get cheaper loans from...
Economies of Scale Help Reduce Cost for Tim Hortons When Tim Hortons buys supplies, they can get a reduced price by buying large quantities of supplies....
Cost Advantages Over Rivals - Tim Hortons Due to size and economies of scale, Tim Hortons has major cost advantages over rivals.




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Fast Food is Linked to Hardening of the Arteries Fast food restaurants serve tasty food, but it's not always great for consumers.
Substitute Products Could Hurt Tim Hortons Fast food has many different substitute products from higher end restaurants to lower price...
Intense Competition - Restaurants Industry There are many competitors in the restaurant industry. Therefore, when the economy is slow,...

Tim Hortons (THI) SWOT Analysis Profile

Tim Hortons Inc. is a fast food restaurant chain in Canada and the United States. It offers a range of consumer goods such as, premium coffee, flavored cappuccinos, specialty teas, home-style soups, fresh sandwiches and fresh baked goods. (read full profile)

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SWOT Conclusion

Strengths + Opportunities = 39

Threats + Weaknesses = 30

The conclusion reached in this SWOT analysis is… … Maintaining strengths can help maintain high profits and low costs.

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