Ritz-Carlton SWOT Analysis

Ritz-Carlton SWOT Analysis


Excellent Customer Service - Ritz Carlton The company has great customer service. This is a strength for the company, this allows for the...
Loyal Customer Base The Ritz-Carlton has been around for a long time and has established a loyal customer base.
High End Luxury Hotel The hotel is a high end luxury hotel which attracts people who have money to stay there.
Strong Brand Name For Ritz-Carlton The Ritz-Carlton has very strong brand name worldwide.


Limited Market The hotel is more of the high end type of place. This limits them to the customer base that they...


Weddings Hotels can charge a premium price to rent out space for weddings. Being in the high end arena can...
Initiated Hotel Renovations When companies give them places a facelift this usually attracts more customers to the venue. This...


Slow Market Recovery As the market tends to recover at a slow place, many people can not travel as much as they use to....
Competition For Ritz Carlton The hotel has many competitors they have to deal with. Whenever dealing with competition this takes...
Terroist Attacks Terrorism poses a threat to any company. Especially, when dealing with hotels, they have many people...

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