Porsche AG SWOT Analysis

Porsche AG SWOT Analysis



Small Compared to Competitors Competitors have an advantage over Porsche AG. They are the smallest independent volume-production...
Pollution-Environmental Issue The vehicles emit pollution into the environment.
Premium Gas Only The vehicles require that they use premium gas only. This could deter buyers from wanting to...


Porsche AG iPerformance Porsche AG iPerformance, PIP , an opportunity for people to download an app from itunes to keep up...
Hybrid Powered Porsche Cars Alternative energy is in demand. This technology allows for more use out of their vehicles while...
Music Glamorize Porsche Cars Music glamorize cars
Movies Glamorize Porsche Cars Movies glamorize cars.


Credit Policies - Porsche More restrictions are being placed on auto-finance and money lenders. This makes it more difficult...
Economic Slowdown - Porsche Global economic slowdown will slow down car sales.

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