Pulte Homes (PHM) SWOT Analysis

Pulte Homes (PHM) SWOT Analysis



Debt Level High leverage could be dangerous in a declining market. Partially reflected in the beta estimate...


Stimulus Package The stimulus packages is expected to increase spending by consumers and the government. It also has...


Credit Market Crisis The credit market crisis increases the cost of borrowing for financial firms. This increasing cost...
Housing Crisis Housing crisis lowers the company's assets and equity and makes it harder to do business in the...

Pulte Homes (PHM) SWOT Analysis Profile

Pulte Homes, Inc. is a homebuilding and financial services company that operates primarily in the United States. This company primarily buys and develops land, builds houses for residential use, and sells its real estate through its own licensed sales brokers. In addition, the company offers financial services such as mortgage and title operations, insurance policies, examinations, and closing services. (read full profile)

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