Jackson Hewitt (JTX) SWOT Analysis

Jackson Hewitt (JTX) SWOT Analysis




Health Care Paperwork Advice Health care is getting more complicated every day. As the complexity increases, so will the need for...
Fragmented Market A highly fragmented market will benefit companies, which have economies of scale and can provide the...
Merger Speculation Merger speculation can typically drive up the price of the acquired company and provided extra...


Significant Competitive Activity Significant competitive activity, including advertising, promotional and price competition....

Jackson Hewitt (JTX) SWOT Analysis Profile

Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, Inc. is a financial services company which specializes in computerized tax preparation and filing for federal, state, and local tax returns in the United States, as well as offering refund anticipation loans and other tax-related loan services. The company owns and franchises several thousand tax offices within the United States. (read full profile)

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