Facebook SWOT Analysis

Facebook SWOT Analysis





Viruses Are Starting to Affect Facebook Many users complain about viruses spread via facebook mail and are sometimes posted on user walls.
Privacy Issues Facebook's platform is open, so privacy issues may arise.
Competitors Facebook has many competitors. Google, Apple, and Myspace poses a threat to Facebook.

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What is a SWOT Analysis? It is a way of evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that affect something. See WikiWealth's SWOT tutorial for help. Remember, vote up the most important comments. Check out WikiWealth's entire database of free SWOT reports or use our SWOT analysis generator to create your own SWOT template.

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SWOT Conclusion

Strengths + Opportunities = 25

Threats + Weaknesses = 14

Be the first to write a conclusion … A history of overcoming weaknesses makes it difficult for other firms to exploit their difficulties. The ability to capitalize on opportunities get rewarded with higher profits and lower costs. A good defense against threats lowers the risks that profits will decrease. Maintaining strengths can help maintain high profits and low costs.

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