BASF SWOT Analysis

BASF SWOT Analysis


Performance Polymers BASF is a leading the world with their high-quality plastics. They are suppliers in a variety of...
Strong Corporate Brand BASF has a strong brand name worldwide.
Verbund Use Verbund is one of the best asset the company runs. The use and need for Verbund is what gives them a...
World's Leading Chemical Company BASF is the world's leader as a chemical company with more than 100,000 members.


Pollution Problems It has been reported that company has emitted high levels of pollution into the environment in...
Less Expenditure On R&D Research and development is a essential key component for companies to be able to expand further...


Hydrocarbon Trapping Technology This technology has allowed for emissions to be lowered according to the EPA. With this in mind for...
Emerging Markets - BASF Emerging markets, especially Asia, allow for this company to expand and are able to tap new market...


Competitors The company has to deal with competitors who can take away market share from the company.
Wars In Middle East The wars that are happening in the Middle East poses a threat to the company for fact that they are...
Economic Slowdown - BASF Economic slowdowns are significant impacts for the world and any company in business. They have to...

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SWOT Conclusion

Strengths + Opportunities = 9

Threats + Weaknesses = 6

… A history of overcoming weaknesses makes it difficult for other firms to exploit their difficulties. The ability to capitalize on opportunities get rewarded with higher profits and lower costs.

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