Adidas SWOT Analysis

Adidas SWOT Analysis


Multi-brand Strategy is a Major Strength for Adidas From Adidas: Adidas creates shareholder values and rigorously manages strategic choices that will...
Signing Great Players to Exclusive Contracts When Adidas signs a spokesperson to an exclusive contract, they get brand recognition and an...
Supplier Power - Adidas Adidas produces so many shoes that they have power over retailers who want to sell Adidas shoes in...
Broad Market Penetration Adidas has shoes for almost every athletic category.


Tarnished Reputation due to Child Labor Adidas uses child labor to manufacture their goods in Jakarta, Indonesia. Children as young as 15...
View That Adidas if One Step Behind Nike If Nike has the best Athlete in a sport, Adidas seems to have the second best. If Adidas pays top...



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