Advance Auto Parts (AAP) SWOT Analysis

Advance Auto Parts (AAP) SWOT Analysis




Emission Standards Tighter emission standards may lead to new auto and related industry sales, because new technology...
Car Technology More advanced car technology increases the margins for auto parts retailers. The advent of lower...
Decrease in New Auto Sales Auto parts and services companies benefit when new car or truck sales decrease, because as the...
High Fuel Prices High energy prices should benefit growth and earnings. High oil prices mean good returns for...


New Car Subsidy A government sponsored new car subsidy program would lower the average age of vehicles and decrease...
High Gas Prices High gas prices are expected to keep sales of cars lower than historical averages. Gas prices have...

Advance Auto Parts (AAP) SWOT Analysis Profile

Advance Auto Parts, Inc., based in Roanoke, Virginia, is a specialty retailer of automotive parts, accessories, and maintenance items for the consumer automotive industry. The company offers replacement parts, accessories, and chemicals for civilians who can choose to take advantage of Advance Auto Parts' service or perform installations and maintenence themselves. Advance Auto Parts, Inc. is divided into two primary divisions: Advance Auto Parts (AAP) and AI. The AAP division operates 3,153 stores within the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands and offers a range of automotive parts including batteries, belts, brake pads, alternators, oil and transmission fluid, and other replacement and maintenance items. This division operates under the names Advance Auto Parts, Advance Discount Auto Parts, and Western Auto (2007). The AI segment operates under the name Autopart International and provides parts for the commercial automotive market, including third-party distributors and jobbers. As of 2007, this division operated 108 stores in North America. (read full profile)

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SWOT Conclusion

Strengths + Opportunities = 9

Threats + Weaknesses = 3

… The ability to capitalize on opportunities get rewarded with higher profits and lower costs. Maintaining strengths can help maintain high profits and low costs.

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