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Please use the contact form below or send an email to the following address: moc.htlaewikiw|ofni#moc.htlaewikiw|ofni. Detail your needs. A representative will contact you shortly.

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Four Types of Analysis in One Report
1. Discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis.
2. Comparative (market approach) analysis.
3. Buffett cash flow analysis.
4. Weighted average cost of capital (WACC).

Available in 48 hrs
Any Company in the World
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WikiWealth's Research Services

WikiWealth has over 6,000 free research reports, but users often ask for research on investments that aren’t in our database. WikiWealth can provide custom research reports for any stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and private investments. Here is what you get:

  • Custom research report for private use or public display.
  • Direct phone / email communications with an analyst.
  • Four different valuations approaches to determine fair value.

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Why Get A Custom Report? From determining the value of a business stake to settling legal disputes, there are many reasons to order a report. Our clients want to quickly obtain a professional report at an affordable price. Their diverse needs include: fairness opinions, assessing mergers, joint ventures, and takes overs,… raising capital, settling regulatory requirements, and legal disputes. WikiWealth’s reports apply for each situation. What should you pay for the next great IPO? What is the value of your business?

Reports for Public Display WikiWealth provides thousands of research reports, but there are companies that WikiWealth does not currently follow. In those cases, WikiWealth can research a company and add it to our database for public display. Publicly-displaying research can help increase the awareness of your company / investment.

Sample Business Valuation WikiWealth produces custom research reports for ETFs, mutual funds, and companies. Individual components of each report could changed based on the requirements of the assignment and the information supplied by the client. The below report is an example of a public company valuation. Private company valuations will exclude investment potential and include a business enterprise valuation that determines the total fair value of the business.


  1. Fill out the order form above or email us here: moc.htlaewikiw|ofni#moc.htlaewikiw|ofni. An analyst will contact you shortly.
  2. Complete data request form if needed.
  3. Complete payment. We will send you instruction for this step.
  4. WikiWealth will send you a pdf copy of the research report.

Disclaimer: WikiWealth does not provide service beyond this report. Check with your financial and legal advisers before ordering a report to make sure it fulfills and specific regulatory purpose. Prices are subject to change. Private investments can include ETF and mutual funds that are not available to the public. Client are expected to supply all appropriate information for non-public companies. 48 hour service is depended on fulfilling this request in a timely manner.