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Company Description: Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.A) is a holding company owns, investments in numerous companies, It is a global energy holding company that focuses on every aspect of natural resources and their derivatives. It also invests in power generation and renewable energy. Oil Sands (that pulls bitumen from oil sands of Alberta in western Canada and convert it to synthetic crude oils) is one highly specialized subsidiary, Shell subsidiaries engage is all aspects of the petroleum and gas industry from searching for virgin resources to providing direct sales to john doe at the pump. they produce, market, and distribute a total menu of energy products. Update

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Staples Industry Research & Analysis: The consumer staple industry includes companies whose sales come from necessary consumer staple purchases such as rent, mortgage and food. Staples Trading Strategy: The consumer staple industry tends to be less sensitive to economic cycles. Look for undervalued staple investments at any time in the business cycle when stock prices are low, and especially during the late stages of a bull markets when investors become more defensive. The global economy is currently in a recession, therefore, investors are rotating money out of consumer staples and into faster growth industries. Upward sloping stock charts and financial news may indicate a selling opportunity while the opposite means that stocks are becoming undervalued.

Industry Sub Sector: . Royal Dutch Shell is a dominant industry leader due to its personnel, experience and financial strengths. Industry leaders are difficult to compete against, which decreases business and investor risks.

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Royal Dutch Shell's business strategy is to keep things simple. Clearly-defined strategies lower business risks by staying within their areas of expertise. Royal Dutch Shell possesses significant barriers to entry that slows competitive threats and increases profits. Royal Dutch Shell's strategy is to accomplish clear, attainable, and challenging goals. This focus increases company value and long-term investor returns.

Strategy: Royal Dutch Shell targets customers who have very specific needs and with solutions that are difficult to replicate. (read more). Competitive Advantages:

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