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Company Description: NuStar Energy transports, terminals, and stores crude oil and refined products in the United States and internationally. NuStar has 5 segments: Refined Product Terminals (storage and handling services for petroleum products, specialty chemicals, crude oil, and other liquids); Refined Product Pipelines (transports and refines petroleum products such as gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, natural gas liquids, blendstocks, and other products); Crude Oil Pipelines (transports crude oil and other feedstocks, such as gas oil); Crude Oil Storage Tanks (stores and delivers crude oil to refineries); Marketing (sells petroleum products, such as bunker fuel for marine vessels and refinery feedstocks; gasoline and distillates; and asphalt). Until 1999 NuStar was known as Valero L.P. Update

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Energy Industry Analysis: The energy industry includes companies whose sales derive from the production and sale of energy related products and services such as the extraction, manufacturing, refining, and distribution of energy. Energy Trading Strategy: Energy investments tend to be very sensitive to commodity prices. Speculation and market manipulation by governments affect the energy market, therefore, cautiously invest in companies with significant potential. Upward sloping stock charts and financial news may indicate a selling opportunity while the opposite means that stocks are becoming undervalued.

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NuStar Energy possesses significant barriers to entry that slows competitive threats and increases profits.

Strategy: NuStar Energy targets customers who have very specific needs and with solutions that are difficult to replicate. (read more). Competitive Advantages:

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