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Company Description: Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) is a developer, manufacturer, and marketer of health care products worldwide, including products used for skin care, wound care, oral care, child and infant care, cold and allergy products, pharmaceuticals, contraceptives, and contact lenses. Some of the companys brand names include Band-Aid, Tylenon, Johnsons, Motrin IB, Neutrogena, Pepcid AC, Rembrandt, Splenda, Sudafed, and Nicorette. Update

Market Research Update

Health Care Industry Research & Analysis: The health care industry depends on the care of health-related services by professionals for the benefit of patients. Medical device markers, insurance companies, pharmaceutical drug developers and government institutions are major participants in the treatment of sick, injured and disabled patients. Health Care Trading Strategy: Health Care stocks tend to be less sensitive to economic changes. Look for undervalued health care investments at any point in the business cycle when stock prices are low. However, biotech, employment staffing and insurance companies may all decrease during recessions for different reasons. Government intervention is another important factor in health care investments, since government spending in health care is a very large portion of overall health care spending. When governments change spending plans, different sub-sectors in the industry are significantly affected. Upward sloping stock charts and financial news may indicate a selling opportunity while the opposite means that stocks are becoming undervalued.

Industry Sub Sector: . Johnson & Johnson is a dominant industry leader due to its personnel, experience and financial strengths. Industry leaders are difficult to compete against, which decreases business and investor risks. The market is quickly expanding. This lowers the threat of direct competition and increases Johnson & Johnson's profits.

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Strategy Analysis Update

Johnson & Johnson's business strategy is to keep things simple. Clearly-defined strategies lower business risks by staying within their areas of expertise. A culture that experiments produces better long term value. Johnson & Johnson's experimentations yield new products and services that outpace competitive threats. Johnson & Johnson's strategy is to continuously improve. This helps to fend against competitive threats and increases shareholder returns.

Strategy: Johnson & Johnson targets customers who have very specific needs and with solutions that are difficult to replicate. (read more). Competitive Advantages:

Financial Analysis Update

Johnson & Johnson has consistent operating results. This lowers the risk that Johnson & Johnson will suddenly have difficulty and it increases investor confidence in the value they place on each share. Complicated financial statements lower Johnson & Johnson's value, because it increases the risk of fraud and lowers investor confidence.

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