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Company Description: Converted Organics Inc. utilizes innovative clean technologies to establish and operate environmentally friendly businesses. We are dedicated to creating a cleaner, greener future, and we operate using sustainable business practices that support this vision.

Converted Organics currently operates in three business areas: Organic Fertilizer, Industrial Wastewater Treatment, and Vertical Farming.

Organic Fertilizer. The Company operates a processing facility that converts food waste and other feedstock into all-natural fertilizers, biostimulants, and soil amendment products. Using these products allows agricultural businesses, lawn care professionals, and home gardeners to grow healthier crops while simultaneously supporting the recycling of food waste.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment. Utilizing an innovative wastewater treatment process, Converted Organics’ Industrial Wastewater Resources division (“IWR”) provides a means of treating aqueous waste streams. This technology, which can use waste heat and renewable energy as fuel, produces only two byproducts: clean water vapor and landfill-appropriate residual solids.

Vertical Farming. We also engage in vertical farming through our TerraSphere business, which builds efficient systems for growing pesticide-free organic produce in a controlled indoor environment. TerraSphere’s clean technology helps to promote the sustainable consumption of natural resources by accelerating plant production and maximizing crop yields. This technology also lessens environmental footprints through the reduction of carbon emissions and fuel use associated with traditional crop production and distribution.

In addition to the business areas listed above, we are constantly looking for new innovative technologies with which to supplement and expand our business. Update

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Material Industry Research & Analysis: The materials industry includes companies whose sales originate from the mining, acquisition and sale of physical substances for manufacturing-related purposes. Material Trading Strategy: The materials industry tends to be sensitive to economic cycles. Look for undervalued material investments during economic recessions when stock prices are low and sell material investments during the late stages of a bull markets when stock prices are high. Material stocks quickly increase at the conclusion of a recession, because materials are the primary input for the industrial sector. The global economy is currently in a recession, therefore, it is the perfect time to purchase material investments. Upward sloping stock charts and financial news may indicate a selling opportunity while the opposite means that stocks are becoming undervalued.

Industry Sub Sector: . Converted Organics is a dominant industry leader due to its personnel, experience and financial strengths. Industry leaders are difficult to compete against, which decreases business and investor risks.

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Converted Organics's strategy is to continuously improve. This helps to fend against competitive threats and increases shareholder returns.

Strategy: Converted Organics targets customers who have very specific needs and with solutions that are difficult to replicate. (read more). Competitive Advantages:

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