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Generic strategies categorize companies by the scope and the strength of their business. AMICAS does not have a definable strategy, therefore, it risks losing out to firms that concentrate on one particular competitive advantage. (read more).

Company Description: AMICAS, Inc. provides radiology, and medical image and information management solutions in the United States. It offers Vision Series RIS, a Web-based radiology information system to capture radiology orders, detail the patient demographic information, schedule appointments and resources, process transcriptions, and generate reports, as well as to code and prepare billing and reimbursement data; and Vision Series PACS, a Web-based picture archiving and communications system to capture, store, manipulate, and distribute diagnostic images for radiologists, specialists, referring physicians, patients, and healthcare enterprises. The company also provides Vision Series Document Management module to capture, digitize, and associate paper records with digital information; Vision Series Financials module for patient accounting and revenue cycle management; Vision Reach, a Web-based tool that integrates the radiology report with key images; and EDI Services, which offer transaction-based EDI functions, including patient billing, and insurance claims submission and remittance. In addition, it offers RadStream, a software product for the acceleration of radiology workflow, increase radiologist soft copy reading productivity, and document communication of critical results reporting of radiology studies; and Insight Dashboards, a Web-based system that provides business intelligence capabilities. Further, the company provides professional and consulting services that assist its clients with a planned transition to a digital enterprise, as well as offers software and hardware support, implementation, training, and electronic data interchange services for patient billing and claims processing. The company was founded in 1989. It was formerly known as InfoCure Corporation and changed its name to VitalWorks, Inc. in 2001. Further, the company changed its name to AMICAS, Inc. in 2005. AMICAS, Inc. is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Update

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