Omega Healthcare (OHI) Company Profile

Omega Healthcare (OHI) Company Profile

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General Information

Name: Omega Healthcare
Phone: n/a
Email: n/a
Founded: n/a
Employees: n/a
Stage: Seed (just an idea)


Industry / Market

Products: n/a
Size: n/a
Growth Rate: n/a%
Other Info: n/a

Management Team

Web Presence




Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. is a self-administered real estate investment trust. It focuses on investments in different types of income-producing healthcare facilities in the United States, most of which offer long-term care. Omega provides financing to qualified operators of skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, and acute care facilities. The trust�s portfolio consists of over 200 healthcare facilities in over half of the U.S. states, and these facilities are operated by about 32 third-party operators. (see report summary)

Management Analysis Update

Omega Healthcare has a consistent company strategy. Big strategy changes can be disruptive, which could hurt long term value. A cult-like culture is good for Omega Healthcare, because it results in a host of positive, long term business results.

Omega Healthcare Milestones Update

Click here to see 's Discounted Cash Flow analysis.

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