Warren Buffett Intrinsic Value Score

Warren Buffett Intrinsic Value Score

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Short Definition

Wikiwealth invented the Warren Buffett's criteria for reviewing the financial results of an investment.

Buffett Score: Wikiwealth uses Warren Buffett's current stock portfolio as a benchmark to see whether new investments belong in that portfolio, or, in other words, whether Buffett would purchase any of those investments. Our criteria is made to automatically assess the relevance of other measures according to hints about what Buffett looks for in a stock. The grade is simply a quantitative way to look at the data. Essentially, Buffett can take a simple look at the data and determine if the company is within his informal criteria, then he’ll move on to make a calculation with his simple equation. Last, he will examine the company’s qualitative elements, which are a part of our SWOT analysis on the full report. If there are no truly sustainable “strengths”, then Buffett will not consider the investment.