WikiWealth's Latest Success Story

WikiWealth's Latest Success Story

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WikiWealth is a collaborative research and analysis website. WikiWealth combines the sum of the world’s knowledge, thinking, and skills to produce the highest quality research and analysis for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, currencies, commodities. At WikiWealth, each contributor's input is evaluated for accuracy and reliability by an experienced analyst.

On June 7th 2011, WikiWealth updated the best stock buy portfolio to include a number of new and exciting companies from around the world. The global nature of this portfolio brings many potential risks for investors from currency risk to debt issues. However, global investing has proved to be an effective way to diversify one's portfolio, which reduces risk overall while and increasing returns from investing abroad. WikiWealth aims to find the best investments in the world; we credit the work of our investing community. Before investing, thoroughly check each stock. Click to see each research report and don't forget to use the experimental mode to customize the report with your own assumptions.

To review last year's performance, we had some big hits like Global Crossing (GLBC), which increase 170%. Our lowest performance came from China Mobile (CHL). That was due to an incorrect computation of shares outstanding. We implore everyone to flag any share outstanding issues so we can correct them in the default analysis. WikiWealth also had a number of utility stocks that did well, but their performance only took off after the stock market's recent downturn. They held back portfolio performance until recently, but we expect utilities stocks to make great returns going forward.

In general, the best buy portfolio beat the stock market again last year. The portfolio beat the S&P 500 industry benchmark by 2.37% since August. The WikiWealth best buy portfolio earned a total return of 23.08% return versus the S&P500, which return 20.71%. The best buy portfolio is up 98.28% cumulatively versus the S&P500's performance of 58.87%. In an effort to be completely transparent and to help investors like you to make money, we display all of our holdings, transactions, and performance on the portfolio tab. Use the best stock buy portfolio to improve your investing.


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