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The growing popularity and use of cryptocurrency and block chain networks, ICO is now becoming a mainstream platform. People are increasingly investing in initial coin offerings (ICOs) and this has resulted in snowballing the competition. This is why studying the different platforms is crucial before you invest. Read on to know the best ICO’s list that you should invest in the year 2018.


Cypherium is a team made of developers from Microsoft, Google, and Amazon that is developing a novel blockchain that will resolve scalability and permission issues associated with the blockchain platform. This will be one of the distinct 2018 ICOs that will make it a perfect option for investors since it will start low and eventually go high.


Rentberry is a devolved longstanding platform that has been distracting the rental industry since 2015. This platform has the ability to automate stages within the renting procedure, for instance paying rent or signing contracts. This helps to save time and money for the landlord and tenant and expedites the legal agreements between the parties involved. With smart contracts technology and the Rentberry’s blockchain tenants can save lots of cash in rental security deposits.

Kyber Network

The Kyber network was number 10 among the Best ICO list networks last year with a rising of about $48 Millions US. It is currently going through testnet phase and there are plans of launching it in 2018 and early 2019. When released into the market, it will revolutionize the blockchain network by offering improved security and additional decentralization benefits. Kyber network will also help users to make cross-chain payment platform and proxy payment.


Loci is a tech startup popular for its InnVenn, a DIY patent research tool that has extended its platform to embrace the ability of buying and selling of intellectual property through its inherent native utilitarian tokens known as LOCIcoin. Innvenn has the ability to post creation and disclose new claims for IP to the Ethereum blockchain. The Loci platform empowers inventors with a safer and quicker alternative to making cash from great ideas.


Nagaico will change how consumers invest in their economic system. This ICO is transforming digital products and cryptocurrencies. Nagaico ICO will make Investment reasonably prized for about 2 billion consumers. Additionally, it will allow unlimited investment and people in third world countries can purchase shares from big companies such as Google. Naga will cater for all clearance or trades allowing small investors to access the largest and most influential financial markets in the world.

The cryptocurrency industry is flooded with initial coin Offerings (ICOs) in 2018. These ICOs cover different industries and it can be challenging to know the best ICO that has real potential. If you want to invest in ICOs, the above-mentioned ICO list can help you make an informed decision and be assured of a lucrative investment.

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